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wilderness, oil on canvas 150x90cm 2023_

The inspiration for my art always comes from the human body. I am particularly fascinated by the beautiful colors of the skin and am always searching for exciting lighting situations.

The sculptural aspect of painting is also clearly evident in my works. By focusing on form and color instead of details, I can work very loosely and energetically, enhancing the three-dimensional effect.In my paintings, I enjoy playing with contrasts: warm and cold, light and dark, different textures, as well as soft and hard transitions. This approach often gives my works a strong abstract component.

However, it is very important for me to depict a specific moment and make the atmosphere palpable.

Through my art, I aim to give the viewer the opportunity to identify with the depicted subject. My works evoke memories and associations, translating the everyday into the extraordinary.


A precisely planned composition and the use of symbolic elements often create multiple layers of meaning in my works. This invites the viewer to interpret beyond the obvious and contribute their own perspective.

In my artistic process, photo shoots with models are of central importance. They not

only represent exciting events but are rather an indispensable and continuous part of my creative work. The resulting photos serve as an essential source of inspiration for my painting. I place particular importance on creating exciting contrasts, playing with light and shadow, and composing the images. The selection of location, the use of accessories, and the staging of poses are also important steps in this process.

My artworks are characterized by remarkable depth and plasticity, achieved through the deliberate simplification of figures and the targeted use of contrasts and light. This result is the product of intensive preparation, including numerous sketches and studies. Through these steps, I manage to highlight the essential features of the depicted figures and plan the compositions precisely.

The detailed planning then allows me to work more freely and spontaneously. Using a variety of tools such as spatulas, brushes, and even my own fingers, I create a fascinating variety of textures and surfaces in my paintings. These differentiated structures and the skillful application of soft and hard transitions help to create an illusionary depth and spatiality.

My works reflect the influences of various artistic movements and styles, which I interpret in my own distinctive way. Overall, my style and technique unite precise craftsmanship with a poetic vision, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of reflection and wonder.

exhibitions        ​


22.2- 30.3 2024

Solo Exhibition Charter Projektgalerie Leipzig

October 2023

May 2023

November 2022 - March 2023
Solo Exhibition Charter Projektgalerie Leipzig

ARTE Wiesbaden

7-9 October 2022


13-15 May 2022


14-17 October 2021

Artgerecht Karlsruhe Kunstmesse

October 2020


17-20 October 2019


8-11 November 2018

18-21 November 2018
ART Salzburg

19-21 October 2018
Art Fair Messe Art Salzburg

30 August - 13 October 2018
Solo Exhibition Cotroneo-Wimmer at Sturm und Drang Galerie, Linz

6-28 February 2018
Group Exhibition DNALREDNUW MI at Galerie der bvoö Künstler

February 2018
"Grand Saloon 2018" in Bad Säckingen, Germany

9-31 January 2018
"die Neuen" at Galerie der bvoö Künstler, OÖ Kulturquartier

December 2016
Opening of "Sturm und Drang" Galerie in Linzer Altstadt

16 August 2016
Solo Exhibition at Kulturbar Konrad, Linz

13 May - 13 July 2016
Solo Exhibition at Academy die Bar (with advertising agency)

10 October 2015
EARLY BIRDS at Kunsthalle Wien

Permanent Exhibition at "Sturm und Drang Galerie", Linz

May 2015 - November 2015

Permanent Exhibition at Galerie Peger, Salzburg, Kaigasse 19

April 2015

Exhibition "Flucht" at Galerie Phoenix, Cologne

March 2015

Permanent Exhibition at Galerie "Art and ArtCouture von Rita Stern", Miltenberg, Germany

15 January - 15 February 2015
Exhibition "Grand Saloon Bad Säckingen", Germany

Exhibition nAKT at Galerie "Mariahilferstrasse 24", Graz

21 July 2014

Solo Exhibition at Salzburg AG Glasrotrunde

11 October 2013

Group Exhibition "Schmerz" at Galerie "Mariahilferstrasse 24", Graz

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