I constantly get inspired by the human body. I specially love interesting light situations and skin colours.
The sculptural aspect is very obvious in my paintings.
I hardly paint any details so that i can focus on light and colour.
I´m always playing with contrasts.
Warm and cold, light and dark, different structures and soft and hard edges. Sometimes they become  more important than the subject itself.
That´s when the painting get´s an almost abstract touch. On the contrary i like to create an believable moment where the atmosphere almost could be felt. Therefore the viewer has the possibility to get lost in the scene.
Memories and associations are getting activated.





- 2.5.2013 Mark Freizeit und Kulturzentrum Salzburg  (solo exhibition)

- 11.10.2013 exhibition at gallery "Mariahilferstrasse 24" i Graz    (group exhibition)

- 21.7.2014 Salzburg AG Glasrotrunde (solo exhibition)

- 2014 exhibition "nAKT" at the gallery "Mariahilferstrasse 24"

- 15.1 - 15.2.2015 exhibition "Grand Saloon Bad Säckingen" (Ger)

- März 2015 exhibition "environment" at  gallery "Art and ArtCouture"

  in Miltenberg (Ger)

- April 2015 exhibition "Flucht" at gallery Phoenix (Köln)

- Mai 2015 - November 2015 exhibition at gallery  Peger in Salzburg, Kaigasse  19

-  group exhibition at "Sturm und Drang gallery" in Linz

- 10 Oktober 2015 EARLY BIRDS at the art hall in Vienna

- exhibition "Grand Saloon Bad Säckingen" (Ger)

- Academy Bar  solo exhibition

 13. Mai 2016 bis 13. Juli 2016

- art and culture bar Konrad solo exhibition in Linz 16.August 2016

-re opening at "Sturm und Drang" gallery in Linz December 2016

- "die Neuen" in the gallery of the bvoö Künstler, OÖ Kulturquartier

- "Grand Saloon 2018" in Bad Säckingen

- 30. August Cotroneo - Wimmer solo exhibition in the Sturm und Drang gallery in Linz

- 15. September Linzer art saloon in the Landesgalerie mit dem bvoö Künstler.

- ART Salzburg 18-21.11 2018

- ART MUC 8-11.11 2018 Directors Choice

- ART MUC 17-20.10 2019




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